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Everyone is someone’s sun

Everyone is someone's sun

This is a picture I took in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The sunset reminded me that even the brightest of lights and the strongest senses of happiness and hope go down at the end of the day, but they also come back every morning. The sun has always kept me going. I love the irony that it is the force of life on our planet but it could also eventually be the thing that ends earth, that the one thing that we can always be certain of will one day die. It shows how nothing is permanent, good or bad, and if we just keep getting up everymorning and going to bed every night, what is bothering us will eventually not be there anymore. You need to stay strong and keep being someone’s sun, remember that someone is always looking up to you and depending on the fact that you will be there the next day, the same way humanity depends on the sun.


My dearest readers

I just wanted to say to every single one of my readers how greatful I am to have you all read my writing. The majority of exams and projects are done now so I will be able to come on Poem Storm more often. All the comments that you leave are greatly appreciated and I love the feedback. Also I just wanted to mention that I am thinking of starting a  facebook page for Poem Storm so stay tuned for updates on that. Again thank you all!



Interpretation is a wonderful and necessary part of the human world, but taken the wrong way people having different interpretations can be the kiss of death. You have to be so careful when dealing with others, you don’t know what they are thinking and very likely never really will. Sometimes when you are upset you just need to take a step back and let the mist clear, everything will be better for it, if you don’t do anything to change your perception you will never be able to see the true beauty and colours in the world.